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Amersham Churches Holiday Club requires that all helpers hold a DBS Enhanced Disclosure. If you do not have one, please select 'Don't have it' from the list below and continue with the form. We will contact you for this to be arranged at our cost.

Most activities take place between 9:30 and 4:00 Monday to Friday. All help is welcome, including part time! Please browse the list of roles below and click any to get more information. Select roles you may be interested in and the days available.

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Please supply TWO SEPARATE referees that are over 18 years old, have known you PERSONALLY for at least 2 years and are NOT related to you. Please inform the referee that you have nominated them and do NOT choose a referee if they don't know you very well. Important Note! It is important to enter an e-mail address where possible, as it makes the processing of your application much quicker. If you enter an email address, please make sure it is correct!

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Has your conduct ever caused or been likely to cause significant harm to a child or young person under the age of 18 years or put a child or young person at risk of significant harm, or to your knowledge has it ever been alleged that your conduct has resulted in any of those things?

Have you any health problems which might affect your work with children or young people under the age of 18 years?

Has a child in your care or for whom you have had parental responsibility ever been removed from your care, been placed on the Child Protection Register or been the subject of a care order, a supervision order, a child assessment order or an emergency protection order under the Children Act 1989, or a similar order under other legislation?

Have you, during the past five years, had any home address other than the one given on this form?

Have you, since the age of 18, ever been known by any name other than the one given on this form? Please EXCLUDE any change of name by marriage.

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Cooking Helper

To work with the cookery leader to help deliver the cookery sessions and tidy up afterwards.

Craft Assistants

To assist the leader in planning and prepping the craft session. During holiday club, to take the lead for a table (one group) of children, demonstrate the craft and assist the children and group leaders/assistants to complete the craft in the allotted time.

Creche Assistants

To support the creche leader in helping to provide a safe and fun environment for volunteers pre-school children during holiday club, keeping them entertained, fed and supported. Ensure creche area left clean and tidy each day.

Group Assistant

To support the Group Leader. Help with a group of up to 12 children. Be a mentor, befriender, motivator and facilitate engagement. No session planning required.

Group Leader

To chaperone groups of up to 12 children within age group bands. Be a mentor, befriender, motivator and facilitate engagement. No session planning required.


To provide cover on the main reception. To manage system of checking children in and out safely. Be point of contact for getting first Aid support quickly. Manning the main entrance to ensure nobody enters building without identification. Be a point of contact for parents.

Refreshment Helpers

To provide refreshments twice a day under the supervision of the refreshments leader as well as helping provide parents' refreshments on the last day.

Sports Helpers

To support the Sports leader in providing the daily sports session (4 per day) to the children in the age groups, encouraging children to participate as much as possible.

Staging/Prop team

To work with the script writer to design and create suitable props, source them and ensure they are laid out and stored appropriately each day.

Interested Roles and Days available

Interested Roles

Days available

Additional Information

Please enter any additional information that we may need to know or ask any questions you have here. If your comment requires a response, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have a preference of the age group you would like to work with, please select it here. We will do our best to place you here, but can't guarantee it.

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If you are under 18 on the first day of the club, please enter any medical conditions, allergies, educational or behavioral problems or any condition which will affect your participation in sport and that you think we should be aware of.


Amersham Churches Holiday Club takes your privacy seriously and collects information about you only to help run the Holiday Club. 1 Make contact with you and share relevant information about Holiday club. 2 Ensure the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. 3 Facilitate effective management of volunteer teams and rotas. Data is stored in various formats and databases. We will not share your Personal Information with any external individuals unless required to do so for legal purposes.

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