Q1. Do you have a catchment area for the holiday club?

A. No preference, we generally work on a first come first served basis

Q2. Do we need to attend church / be Christians

A. Holiday club is welcome to all.

Q3. What is a reasonable donation to holiday club?

A. We invite you to make a voluntary contribution to help with our running costs which are about £50 per child. To make a donation click here.

Q4. How safe will my child be?

A. We will be using 2 other sites as well as Kings Church and will perform risk assessments for all, St George’s School and The Polish club for football and games, the children will be accompanied by adults at all times and will use appropriate crossings and ratio per child to adhere to all safety issues.

Q5. How about the protection of my child?

A. All leaders will have current dbs checks.

Q6. Can my child be put with a friend?

A. We will endeavour to put each child with at least one friend, the groups will be separated into:

r/ yr 1
yr 2/3
yr 3/4
yr 5/6

There may be some allowance for flexibility on year groups but it is important for them to be within a group appropriate to their capabilities

Q7. Who do I make cheques payable to?

A. Amersham Churches Holiday Club.

Q8. Which age groups do you cover?

A. Current reception – year 6.

Q9. Does my child need to do the full week?

A. We would encourage full week attendance so that the maximum amount of children can enjoy our week.

Q 10. When can I register my child?

A. Online applications will open after half term.